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91025 Marsala (TP) – Sicilia
Tel. 329 2073935

nino barraco

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    Owners and winemakers: Antonino Barraco,Vincenzo Barraco, Angela Galfano


    The personal need of Nino Barraco to make wine stems from the desire to create wines capable of conveying the peculiarities of native grapes and the characteristics of their territory. The company started in 2004 with the reprogramming of the work in the family vineyards, 18 hectares owned in carefully chosen areas of the Trapani hinterland. His idea of wine finds inspiration in the country tradition, feeds on family know-how and is the result of a passion for natural wine and of faith in the variability of nature.

    The wine for Nino Barraco is representation of identity, where the dissonant notes participate powerfully in the characterization of the same. The result is not a perfect wine, but a wine recognizable by its personality and diversity. To achieve this goal the homologation made by external technicians is carefully avoided. Barraco maintains a jealously personal relationship with his wine from the cultivation of grapes in the vineyard to winemaking, from bottling to its trading.

    Description of the farm

    The artisanal character of the company, guaranteed by its small size and the exclusive control of the fundamental agronomic and oenological practices by the producer himself, allows continuous research and experimentation (free fermentation and use of unselected native yeasts) aimed at achieving an interpretation of wine that is ever more faithful to the place, the microclimate and the human experience that produce it.

    Currently Barraco produces 40,000 bottles of wine, currently from five vines: Grillo, Catarratto, Zibibbo for white wines; Pignatello and Nero d’Avola for red wines. After harvesting by hand, the grapes begin maceration on the skins (for about 4 days), then move on to pressing with a vertical, hydraulic-manual press. Alcoholic fermentation takes place spontaneously, at an uncontrolled temperature, in small 2,500-liter steel silos thanks to the yeasts present in the skins. Only after the end of the lactic fermentation a minimum of sulphites is used to block the lactic bacteria. The wine matures until May in steel. The wine is bottled without undergoing microfiltration and clarification.

    • Catarratto
    • Grillo
    • Zibibbo
    • Pignatello
    • Nero d’Avola
    • Vignammare (Grillo)
    • Rosammare (Rosé from Nero d’Avola)
    • Altogrado (Grillo)
    • Milocca (from overripe grapes of Nero d’Avola)