Arcania S.r.l.
Località Arcano Superiore, 11/C – 33030 Rive d’Arcano (UD) – Friuli
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“Castello di Arcano” is the place where the wines of Arcania Srl are produced, a company born from the will of five ancient Friulian farms (who have been practicing organic viticulture for several years) to make their wines in a single modern cellar.

Description of the farm

The grapes come exclusively from the 43 hectares of the vineyards that belong to the five associated companies

  • FONTANABONA – PAVIA DI UDINE: winery of the countess Annamaria Frangipane;
  • ARCANO SUPERIORE: winery of Domenico Taverna;
  • MANZANO: winery of Giovanni Morelli de Rossi;
  • MANZANO – MARTIGNACCO: winery of the count Francesco Deciani;
  • CAMPEGLIO DI FAEDIS: winery of Licia Taverna.

Organic certification, control body IMC


No sulphites organic wines:

  • Cabernet Franc nonsò

  • Merlot nonsò

  • Pinot Grigio nonsò

  • Refosco nonsò

  • Tricanus nonsò

Organic native wines:

  • Friulano

  • Merlot nonsò

  • Pignolo

  • Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

  • Tazzelenghe

  • Verduzzo Friulano

Organic wines:

  • Cabernet Franc

  • Merlot

  • Pinot Bianco

  • Pinot Grigio

  • Sauvignon

Native organic sparkling wines:

  • Prosecco bio

  • Spumante diVerso

  • Spumante Rosa di Rè

Organic Bag in box:

  • Bag in box Rosso bio – 10 l. o 5 l.

  • Bag in box Bianco bio – 10 l. o 5 l.

Other products and services

Typical Friuli products, organic cured meats, organic distillates.

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